Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy outlines how ActivityWatch treats your data.

Even though we the developers take data privacy to the extreme, we state our policy explicitly here for transparency reasons, and to fulfill Google Play Store requirements.

Data Collected

ActivityWatch collects the following types of data:

  • Local computer usage data

However, it’s crucial to understand that:

  • All data is stored locally on your device.

  • We, the developers of ActivityWatch, do not have access to your data.

  • ActivityWatch does not transmit your data to any external servers.


ActivityWatch does not use any third-party analytics services to track your behavior.

Software Updates

ActivityWatch may perform HTTP requests to check for new releases on GitHub. This functionality can be disabled in the application settings.

Data Protection

All data collected by ActivityWatch is stored locally on your device. However, we cannot guarantee the security of your data entirely due to the vulnerabilities inherent in any electronic storage method.