Source code for aw_transform.flood

import logging
from datetime import timedelta
from copy import deepcopy
from typing import List

from aw_core.models import Event

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def flood(events: List[Event], pulsetime: float = 5) -> List[Event]: """ Takes a list of events and "floods" any empty space between events by extending one of the surrounding events to cover the empty space. For more details on flooding, see this issue: - """ # Originally written in aw-research: # NOTE: This algorithm has a lot of smaller details that need to be # carefully considered by anyone wishing to edit it, see: # - events = deepcopy(events) events = sorted(events, key=lambda e: e.timestamp) # If negative gaps are smaller than this, prune them to become zero negative_gap_trim_thres = timedelta(seconds=0.1) warned_about_negative_gap_safe = False warned_about_negative_gap_unsafe = False for e1, e2 in zip(events[:-1], events[1:]): gap = e2.timestamp - (e1.timestamp + e1.duration) if not gap: continue # Sanity check in case events overlap if gap < timedelta(0) and == # Events with negative gap but same data can safely be merged start = min(e1.timestamp, e2.timestamp) end = max(e1.timestamp + e1.duration, e2.timestamp + e2.duration) e1.timestamp, e1.duration = start, (end - start) e2.timestamp, e2.duration = end, timedelta(0) if not warned_about_negative_gap_safe: logger.warning( "Gap was of negative duration but could be safely merged ({}s). This message will only show once per batch.".format( gap.total_seconds() ) ) warned_about_negative_gap_safe = True elif gap < -negative_gap_trim_thres and not warned_about_negative_gap_unsafe: # Events with negative gap but differing data cannot be merged safely logger.warning( "Gap was of negative duration and could NOT be safely merged ({}s). This warning will only show once per batch.".format( gap.total_seconds() ) ) warned_about_negative_gap_unsafe = True # logger.warning("Event 1 (id {}): {} {}".format(, e1.timestamp, e1.duration)) # logger.warning("Event 2 (id {}): {} {}".format(, e2.timestamp, e2.duration)) elif -negative_gap_trim_thres < gap <= timedelta(seconds=pulsetime): e2_end = e2.timestamp + e2.duration # Prioritize flooding from the longer event if e1.duration >= e2.duration: if == # Extend e1 to the end of e2 # Set duration of e2 to zero (mark to delete) e1.duration = e2_end - e1.timestamp e2.timestamp = e2_end e2.duration = timedelta(0) else: # Extend e1 to the start of e2 e1.duration = e2.timestamp - e1.timestamp else: if == # Extend e2 to the start of e1, discard e1 e2.timestamp = e1.timestamp e2.duration = e2_end - e2.timestamp e1.duration = timedelta(0) else: # Extend e2 backwards to end of e1 e2.timestamp = e1.timestamp + e1.duration e2.duration = e2_end - e2.timestamp # Filter out remaining zero-duration events events = [e for e in events if e.duration > timedelta(0)] return events