Installing from source (on Windows)

This was a guide hastily written by @ErikBjare when he had to build on Windows once, it is not complete.

  • Install Git for Windows (including Git Bash)

  • Install MinGW

  • Rename C:/MinGW/mingw-make.exe to C:/MinGW/make.exe

    • cp C:\\MinGW\\mingw32-make.exe C:\\MinGW\\make.exe

  • Set PATH to use MinGW

    • SET PATH=C:\\MinGW\\bin;%PATH%

  • Install Python 3.5.4

  • Install Poetry

  • Install PyInstaller

    • pip install pyinstaller

    • Add PyInstaller script to PATH: SET PATH=C:\\Users\User\\AppData\\Roaming\\Python\\Python35\\Scripts